Whether you are a brand new enterprise or your business has been thriving for years, there are always things to learn, doors to open and relationships to treasure.  We believe networking is a foundation of business success because people buy from, and collaborate with, those that they know, like and trust. Participating in our quarterly free events is a great first step to your success and makes you eligible for some incredible benefits to get you on your way.

But businesses grow and succeed with targeted networking, education and marketing, too. And that is where our membership packages are designed to give you a stable foundation for growth by combining monthly Chapter meetings, additional networking events, classes, advertising and access to information that is vital for taking your business and income to a higher level than you may be able to do on your own.

WESOS Sisters have a full calendar of seminars and events to grow their knowledge base, a forum for continued support and discussion, exclusive marketing opportunities, and access to discounts on business related software, services and products. Plus, they enjoy advanced reservations for meetings that are always a “sell out.”

You are featured in a growing directory that allows you to receive exponential benefits from search engines as your directory profile is raised in ranking by the performance of every woman in the Directory with you. When one of you is searched, ALL of you get a rankings bump!

Add to this the opportunity to speak and demonstrate your capabilities at meetings, become a sponsor in order to sell and demonstrate your products to a captive audience (something that is otherwise NEVER allowed ) and the time to highlight upcoming events and specials at Chapter meetings and you have an incredibly powerful tool to grow your business. All while developing the kind of authentic and deep relationships that go far beyond just business.

Initial Payment $100 administration fee plus $399
Renewal per year $399 paid in full or $35 per month for 12 months
Yearly Network Membership

$499 or 12 monthly payments of $45

Membership Benefits

  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Advanced reservation opportunity to all Chapter Meetings
  • Inclusion in WESOS Online Directory for increased SEO ranking
  • Access to FREE session with a Success Strategist of your choice
  • Eligibility to become a Local WESOS Chapter Speaker
  • Ability to promote events or specials at a Chapter meeting
  • Discounted pricing on Marketing Opportunities and sponsorships
  • Chapter Leadership Opportunities
  • Eligibility to become a Virtual Chapter Featured Speaker
  • Exclusive Facebook Private Group for In Network Members only
  • Exclusive Access to recorded Learning Library (permanent access)
  • Advanced Invitation for Vendor Fair Opportunities
  • Live Trainings only for In Network Sisters
  • Discounted pricing for National / Regional Events


  • Lifetime Sister designation on your online directory listing
  • LIFETIME Membership Never Expires and belongs to the member, not the business
  • Special Recognition with Lapel Pin and meeting raffles just for Lifetime Members


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