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Missy Juarez


I love helping others! It’s a simple passion with deep roots that has followed me through every twist and turn my career path has taken me. Funny, when I look back on my past experiences it becomes clear how much of an asset I am.

I started my adult career working at Little Friends Inc in Napervile, IL. I loved working in special education, it felt like I was “doing good” and “changing the world”- who doesn’t love that feeling?!? Teaching quickly became one of my favorite methods to helping others. My time in special education also required multiple part time jobs to supplement my income.

One of my part time jobs was at Potbelly Sandwich Works. Potbelly loved my work ethic, initiative, and training techniques so much they promoted me to management! I never got over that… I started training anyone I could to advance at every restaurant I managed with the belief, “if I can do this, you can do it too!” This is a fundamental belief of just about every successful Primerica agent I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

When I found the opportunity with Primerica, I went in treating it like a college class to learn how to improve my situation. Once I started getting out there and helping people through the system, I became hooked! This business totally carries the “do good, change the world” kind of feeling, with the opportunity to teach others to advance both personally and professionally.

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