Lisa Kai Gebbia

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Lisa Kai Gebbia

Ku Bodywork


What is Ku Bodywork?
It’s the alchemical bonding of heart and body. It means:
*marrying bodywork with your heart and inner wisdom
*knowing you’re connected and empowered
*feeling abundant and whole

Helping you feel authentically engaged in your body, mind, and spirit is what I love to do.
My mission is to support you to glow and flow in the world!

I’m unabashedly into energy, personal evolution, the magical, mystical, esoteric, mysterious, interconnected synchronicities of life – ceremony, woo-woo, and all.
I have been.

My purposeĀ  is to help you bring a little more consciousness to your inner life; to help you deepen that connection to your heart and soul, where the body has intelligence of what it needs to live a full, satisfied outer life in a more integrated, embodied way.

My tools are energy based: Hawai’ian Lomi Lomi, Visionary Craniosacral therapy, Aromatherapy, and Plant Wisdom.
Holistic sessions focused on you – your body, your emotional well-being, your energy, and your connection to Source.

Remember how to find resonance between your inner and outer worlds for a more complete, evolved, and flowing way of showing up in your life.
That’s embodied wisdom for the whole you!


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