Kira Swanson

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Kira Swanson

Alchemy Change Agency

Why do I love WESOS? Because it is such a supportive and vibrant community. WESOS Sisters are collaborative, genuine, and focused on building relationships.

I help women who are breaking free from corporate careers to do their own thing — something more creative, more soulful, more independent. They are having trouble putting themselves out there due to self-doubt and lack of confidence. I show them how to master their stories —whether that be marketing messages, niche, or authoring a book — so that they can carve out a unique and authentic space for their calling.

I have an MBA from Duke University and fifteen years experience in the corporate world where I held positions such as Director of Customer Experience and Senior Manager of Professional Development in a Fortune 500 environment. I also have a PhD from Saybrook University where I studied consciousness, mythology, and the archetypes. My dissertation is entitled “The Stories We Tell Ourselves.”

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