Karen Putz

Karen Putz

Ageless Passions

I’m known as The Passion Mentor–I help people unwrap their passions at ANY age. (Any age? Really? Yup, ask me how.) I spent the last several years studying “passion” and how to create a life centered around joy, fun, and happy stuff. I put it all in a book, “Unwrapping Your Passion” and a course on Udemy. I travel a lot speaking on this topic.

I happen to be deaf, but I don’t let it stop me from living a full life.

I LOVE to help others thrive and grow. If you need help writing a book (or the kick in the butt to start), come and see me. I’ve written a bunch of books, both self published and with a publisher. I have a writing formula that I happily share–just ask me for it.

I also specialize in helping others connect with others using a really cool greeting card app.

For fun, I’m on a quest to barefoot water ski in all 50 states for my 50’s.

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