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Joann Michalik

Ouch, Its Grief

Why Do I Love WESOS?

It’s a group of Women who care about you, connect you with others to help build our businesses together.

I have been the Owner of Ouch-its-Grief for 7 years.  I offer individual coaching, group coaching.  My Journey Back to Joy programs are usually about 1 hour and are progressive for 8 weeks.  I also speak about Grief to many organizations.  Working with the Assisted living communities I provide comfort and support during transition. I support Caregivers, help them express their emotions with their clients they serve.

As a Journey to Joy Coach, I help anyone with any type of loss, a pet, a job, a life style change and loss of a loved one.  Working with me I help express these emotions you are holding in.  When you express them you begin to heal.  I am compassionate, dedicated to listening and never judge. Slowly you will find your “new normal” without ever forgetting the memory of your loved one.

I believe we all have a purpose and choose our path here on earth.

”Things happen for a reason, Just Believe”.

Then we can move forward and enjoy each day.  With all my past experiences in loss, a Journey to Joy coach is just what this world needs now more than ever.

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