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I created WESOS as a place that I felt comfortable networking and now I’m thrilled that thousands of women feel the same way!

After 25 years as a stay at home mom, and loving every moment of it, when my kids grew up, I knew I wanted to get back out into the workforce and give back to society. I knew I had a determined mindset and was willing to work hard and a quick learner. Unfortunately, I discovered quickly, that for some companies, women have an expiration date for being hired as a newbie.

So, not one to stay long in the pity pool, I looked for other ways to “get myself out there”. Some one suggested networking to me, and all I I could think of was, “What is Networking?”. In the years at home with my kids, the only “networking” I did was with the school and my kid’s friends’ parents!

So, I found places to network. I was intimidated and nervous. Every time I had to stand in front of a group and share my passion and business, my knees went weak and my stomach turned.

Until I found a little group called “Women Entrepreneurs’ Secrets of Success”. These ladies were different! For the cost of my breakfast, I met some really nice women that encouraged me to be confident, and assured me everyone starts out like me. What a relief.

To make a very long story short, I ended up becoming the organizer of that group, and it grew. It grew under the intention that every woman that walked through the door to our meetings was there to build relationships and help out others that might not be at the same success level as they were.

I built WESOS for the simple reason that I wanted a safe, supportive, friendly, inexpensive and fun place to network. Turns out I was not the only one looking for that.

WESOS and it’s membership is my main focus of business today. I love entrepreneurs and the life they breathe into society. I especially love women entrepreneurs because they understand that success is just that much sweeter when you succeed with collaboration and support. Success is that much sweeter when you succeeded and so have your friends!

I am an empty nester now, living with my life long buddy (from high school) my husband, Scott.
I look forward to meeting all the members of WESOS and finding out how WESOS can help each of entrepreneur succeed!

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