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Hilary Clark

Harmony Coaching

I work with stressed, frantic, frazzled professionals who struggle to lead, experience self-sabotage, have difficulty communicating, and can’t break through persistent red tape.  What they want is to innovate, achieve consistent results, and come together as a team, so their employers call on me for leadership development training and coaching.  I’m an expert at shedding the stress, designing solutions, and building cohesive, consistent, high-achieving teams.  My clients go from crisis mode to working in harmony, saving time, money, and energy, finally getting their shit together.

Your team will gain the confidence to speak up, earning respect for themselves and from others.  This opens the door for innovation, consistent results, and greater teamwork.  Crisis mode will be averted, communication will be clear, and situations will be viewed as solutions to implement rather than problems to solve.  Your staff will connect to their work and the team, which translates into improved customer service, more efficient workflows, fewer sick days, and a pleasant work environment.  Taken together, these all contribute to increased revenues and business growth.  By investing in my Connect-Create-Care Leadership Development Training and Coaching Program, your employees will become the leaders you know it’s possible for them to be.

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