Hilary Clark

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Hilary Clark

Harmony Coaching

Hi! I am a Life & Authenticity Coach who LOVES to work with stressed out, frantic, frazzled humans. I help them to slow down and reconnect to their intuition, so they can get their sh*t together. This helps them find their Magic, embrace their Truth, and live a more authentic life, one aligned with their True nature. To put it super simply, I work with people who believe in Magic; they just haven’t found their own because it’s hidden behind a mask of busy.

When we operate from a foundation of stress, we lose touch with our true selves. The stress piles on, we don a mask of busy, and run around like a frazzled mess, pretending to be someone we’re not. This impacts relationships, health, work, and spirit — none of which is a harmonious way to live.

I dig into the energy behind the stress to help my clients figure out what’s really causing them to live such a frantic life. Then we transform them from stressed to stress-free and, BAM!, their sh*t comes together.

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