Heather Schmidt

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Heather Schmidt

Keller Williams Realty

“Heather believes your home should serve your highest good. As a Holistic Realtor, Heather integrates full service realty with holistic home solutions designed to infuse living spaces with thriving energy.”

For over 10 years I applied my analytical skills and construction background to my real estate career. Yet I longed for additional ways to help clients infuse their energy, lifestyle and vitality into their homes. When I discovered the field of Holistic Real Estate, it aligned with my values and mission, and my consulting business Love your Home: Heart and Soul’d was launched. My business blends full service realty skills with whole home services designed to infuse living spaces with thriving energy. I assist clients with everything from buying/selling to green cleaning products and energetic clearings and house blessings. My love of processes and deep desire to help clients has merged into a fulfilling specialty in the home industry.

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