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You’ve always wanted to own your own business but  decided it was too complicated and daunting to do it all yourself, or never got anywhere looking on your own.
You need a matchmaker.  A guide who’s on your side.
I coach you through the process of identifying the right franchised business (turn-key, business-in-a-box!) that fits your goals, needs, expectations and financial comfort.


  •  Corporate employees and executives who are DONE with the Corporate rat race
  • SAHMs who want to earn more than mad money and  utilize their business and people skill set.
  • Veterans transitioning into civilian life.
  • Parent/Adult Child partnership: Support your YA by working together in a business. They’ll learn business skills, you’ll earn from an additional revenue stream, and you both have quality time together building a legacy

I identify the franchises that meet the targeted goals that YOU want to achieve.
Home-based? Yes.    Mobile? Yes.      No inventory? Yes.
You don’t need to be a millionaire to own a franchised business: You just need to want to own, have the drive to succeed and be willing to follow a proven successful system.

But not all franchises are created equal!   As your coach , I’ll steer you to the ones that make sense for you and have good reputations.
With over 200 already successful franchise brands that are ACTIVELY looking for owners like you, your best next move is to LEARN, EXPLORE, DISCOVER your opportunities by booking a time to chat with me.


More about Gloria and Franchising in general

*FRANCHISING is the safest and most successful way to own a business. They provide strong name brands, detailed operating systems, technology, marketing and teams of support. Everything needed to open your doors quickly and without business-killing hitches.

Did you know that women are the strongest and most successful Franchisees, hands down?

How much more could you thrive if you owned a business where your colleagues worked with you instead of against you? How much more time could you spend doing what you love if your systems, technology and marketing were handed to you, ready to go?

Not all franchises are equal. Not all franchises are food. Not all franchises are enormous undertakings. I match my clients with franchises that fit their skills, their finances, and only those that are appropriate for their personal goals and needs.No-sales, no-pressure, just realistic opportunities and results.

To see what kinds of franchises are available, and to get started on your new career trajectory, take these steps:

1) Social Media: Connect with me on LI and follow my business page on FB

2) Check out our online EXPO (NEVER go it alone and depend on the Internet for info. You need your coach.)

3) Book an appointment with me:

I’m happy to work with you personally or anyone you may refer. I compensate for referrals, so keep your eyes and ears open for: Those in Career Transition, C-level Corporate Executives (done with Corporate), SAHMs: Mom-preneurs, Encore-Entrepreneurs, College Grads, Under-Employed, Multi-Generation Teams, Couples or Biz Partners, Veterans.

I’m married (35 years) with two grown boys and a mutt.

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