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I am an Ex-Training Executive that spent 26 years working for a prominent airline.  When they filed for bankruptcy, I lost my pension.  I had only 10 years left to start a new career that would allow me to live the life of my dreams when I retired.

That is when I found Rodan and Fields.  They were the same renowned dermatologists who formulated ProActiv Acne treatment that became the number one product for this purpose worldwide.  Drs. Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields had changed their focus, back in 2008, to the most critical skincare issue, aging.  WHO DOESN’T WANT TO LOOK YOUNGER THAN THEY REALLY ARE?  If they had already created one world-wide brand, they certainly could create another one…maybe two or four.  They had the brand appeal that really resonated with me.

They have four product lines.  Two, Redefine and Unblemish, for lines and wrinkles and acne respectively, have already grown to be the number one brand across all channels of premium skincare in North America.  They are not a saturated company, they only have recognition by 1 out of 3 Americans.  And, they have plans to be worldwide; but now only exist in the United States, Canada and Australia.  Their skincare products should and can be utilized by both males and females.

What I love about this company is I don’t do parties or stock inventory.  All billing, shipping and website changes are handled by an expert corporate staff.  I just get my commission check every month and an incredible discount on the products.  That I can write off at the end of the year on my taxes as an expense of doing the business.

I am passionate about sharing these amazing products with people to meet my tagline, “Be your best, inside and out.”  I know that changing your skin can change your life.

Whether you are looking for amazing products that really change your skin (60-day money-back guarantee even if bottles are empty), or whether you are looking for extra money or pension support, please contact me.

We also support a Foundation that provides young people with life-changing education and leadership training.  Students in the programs we fund develop the proficiency and self-confidence to become the leaders of tomorrow.  Since 2008, Prescription for Change has given more than $8 million to support programs reaching over a million young people around the world.

I’m also a business coach that assists anyone who joins my team for FREE, or available to anyone that is stuck or needing assistance in the entrepreneurial world for a small fee.  I use assessments so that what matters most is knowing yourself and how to succeed with your business.


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