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Gail Stockton – Business Development and Branding Coach

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Gail’s Coaching Philosophy

Coaching should be focused on the person.

My coaching philosophy is everyone is unique as a person and that must be taken into consideration when you make suggestions and provide advice.  No two people are alike, much like snowflakes, grains of sand, leaves and butterflies.  You are special in your own way, and there is no one else like you.

Individualized coaching isn’t a cookie-cutter approach.  Know when to choose one-on-one coaching versus group coaching.

The tools you will use allow for more than 33 million possibilities of the Top 5 Signature Themes alone.  Working as a group lets you discover various traits in real time. One-on-one coaching lets you master how to insert your strengths to bring about the desired outcome of projects.

My years of experience in this specific field of study and coaching will help you avoid mistakes with long term consequences.

Building coaching expertise is a long road.  Some take the short road and their clients have less success.  The pathway to quality coaching starts with basic knowledge, certification, vast amounts of experience and knowing how to apply the principles and tools you are using.  I have gone through the process to be certified to teach StrengthsFinders, Emotional Intelligence and am a Fascinate Advisor.

I have also coached hundreds of people, both in Corporate America and in the Entrepreneurial Field.  I am passionate about what I do and see people like a puzzle.  I help put the pieces together to form the solution.  Your coaching solution may involve partnering in the process and using more than one coach.  Ultimate success is when you can see the full picture and the puzzle is completed.

Who can I help?

 I am the coach that other coaches seek out to maximize their client’s success.

The reason why most of the programs you tried in the past may not be working for you is they were incomplete.  The way you see yourself and the way the world sees you are always missing in general coaching programs.  When these two ideas are combined, magic will happen.

If you work with me, I can promise you 6 things:

  • YOU WILL GAIN INSIGHT INTO YOUR TRUE STRENGTHS. By using a validated assessment, you can get up to 34 entirely new perspectives on what are your personal strengths.  This goes far beyond the “I’m a good team player, I have good communication skills, quality time management practices, etc.” quotes that most people say.  You will be getting the results of years of research and over 5 million users of the StrengthsFinders 2.0 Assessment.
  • YOU WILL BUILD AND NURTURE MORE POWERFUL RELATIONSHIPS. Through effectively applying who you are and how others see you. Discover how “balconies and basements” are used to achieve deeper relationships and promote your emotional intelligence traits.
  • YOU CAN IDENTIFY THE VALUE OF A PERSONAL BRAND IN FOUR WORDS OR LESS. I utilize a process that assesses your communication patterns and provides key insights into creating your signature brand.  As an example, my personal brand is “Providing Intellectual Discovery.”
  • YOU WILL BE ABLE TO EXECUTE MORE EFFECTIVELY. Knowing your strengths that support you in terms of making things happen will allow you to achieve greater results.
  • YOU WILL INCREASE YOUR INFLUENCE AND IMPACT. You will be able to practice using your strengths and messaging skills to take charge of situations, speak up and make sure others are heard.
  • YOU WILL INCREASE TEAM EFFECTIVENESS. You will learn the behaviors and actions that increase the engagement of the team and hold it together.

I also have a secondary business category of Rodan and Fields, where I can help you “Be your best, inside and out!”  I sell the skincare products developed by the same two doctors that created Proactiv. Only now they have shifted their focus from acne to finding solutions for all types of skin concerns.  As an added bonus, I provide FREE strengths coaching on all aspects of your life for those individuals that become members of my team and own their own skincare company.


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