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Erika Gilchrist

Assaulted as a little girl, sleeping in a van as a young adult, and living in a women’s shelter, Erika Gilchrist has earn the title of “The Unstoppable Woman.” She is regarded as one of the most energizing, engaging, and captivating speakers in the industry.

She is the creator of the brazen brand, W.T.F. – Women Thriving Fearlessly!™, which serves women in three ways: An online talk show [], live events [], and “The Synergy Series” which publishes the stories of women in collaborative books []. As a published author of 10 books, Ms. Gilchrist is an expert in personal development, communication, and conflict management. She’s been featured as one of the “15 Most Powerful Women on the South Side of Chicago,” CLTV, and Rolling Out Magazine.

Some of her speaking topics include:
• Humility is Overrated
• The Secrets to Being an Unstoppable Woman
• Life Hits HARD…But So Can You!

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