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Denise Schmidt


Why do I love WESOS? Because I’m surrounded by vibrant, authentic women who value their relationships as much as their businesses. They understand that what makes them unique is what makes them valuable.

After 3 decades of successful serial entrepreneurship, plus management of Chambers of Commerce and membership organizations, I’ve made Women Entrepreneurs Secrets of Success (WESOS) my home as its C.O.O.  My passion is connecting members with colleagues and collaborators while educating them to be profitable and engaged business owners. I believe that women see business in a fundamentally different way, a more collaborative one rather than simply a  transactional one. Using those inherent gifts can take an idea from a Dream to a Success with the right guidance.

In addition to shepherding the operational side of the WESOS Network, I’m one of the creative forces behind the WESOS Foundation as its President and Executive Director. The WESOS Foundation is a recognized 501(c)3 charitable organization that is devoted to the education of women business owners and the identification of budding entrepreneurs from socially and economically underserved communities. I believe that the Universe distributes talent equally. It does not, however, distribute opportunity equally. That’s where the WESOS Foundation can make a difference.

One a personal note, I’m married to an adorable and supportive man that I met on a wrong number in another country. ( Ask – its a fun story!)



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