Angie Engstrom

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Angie Engstrom

Author / Speaker / Catalyst Coach / Entrepreneur

Angie brings simplicity to the complex issues of business and personal life.

There is an unshakable mission in Angie’s soul to instigate change, empower, and impact others to achieve more in less time so that they can live their life on purpose and achieve their dreams.

Angie is the founder and facilitator of the weekly talk show, Productivity Conversations, where callers dial in to ask anything about improving their productivity, organization, and any blocks around achievement in business and life.  Using her skills as an active improv artist at Second City Chicago, she illuminates a unique perspective to whatever “mess” you may be dealing with.  One of Angie’s motto’s: if you can’t find the fun in your business, you are doing something wrong.

She is also the author of two books: Getting Yourself Unstuck and Overcoming Mediocrity and she is the creator of the Achieving More business seminars and workshops.

Angie lives in Downers Grove, Illinois with her husband (Mike), teenage son (Michael), and schnauzer-mix (Austin) and is known in her community as Awesome Angie because she honors the awesomeness in you.

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