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Alison Henderson

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Alison is the founder and lead consultant at Moving Image Consulting. She merges her training as a Movement Pattern Analyst and Laban Movement Analyst with her degrees and experience in theater directing to create a consulting experience you can’t find anywhere else.

Everyone has a pattern of movement signals they give off to others. It is important to understand what you do naturally and how to maximize your presence. Alison also teaches how to “read” others’ patterns and use them to strengthen communication and relationships.

Call Alison to learn more and start your journey to clear communication today!  630-234-1392

Learn about the fundamentals behind her work in “Reducing the Drama in Business Relationships” available on

“I founded Moving Image Consulting to share my knowledge of non-verbal behavior. There are only 22 Movement Pattern Analysts in the world!  So while you may not have heard of Movement Pattern Analysis, it is a life changing tool I am committed to sharing with you!

I passionately guide corporate teams, entrepreneurs and start ups to understand their decision-making process and learn how it impacts their business.  I also empower individuals to present themselves in a more powerful way whether speaking to one or 500!”

My other passion is my theater company, Reckless Ensemble Theatre. Here, I work with actors to use their physicality as a powerful storytelling tool for devised work and classic plays.

Want the best of both worlds? Contact me to lead a Business Improvisation workshop for your team, clients or friends! It is a fantastic way to build trust, take risks and have fun!

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