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Alise Anderson


I love WESOS because it gives us an opportunity to connect with like minded people.  Since we choose to do business with people we know, like and trust, getting to know each other is truly critical in knowing how we can help one another.


I am blessed to have a wonderful husband, daughter and son.  I “retired” from being a financial analyst/auditor when my daughter was born in 1994.  I started with a party plan business and was able to spend the last year of my sister’s life caring for her and my new baby.  After many years of putting my heart and soul into that business, I reached the top level and then found I was working harder and making less.  I was looking for something to bridge the gap and a friend introduced me to

I knew wellness was a growing industry and the business model absolutely resonated with me:

Switch stores and shop at a discount for exceptional products!

Refer others and build a reliable, residual income that can be passed on to your family. is growing like crazy because we have solutions that people are looking for!  I would love to show you a virtual tour of this amazing store and company!  Find out more at:


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