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The WESOS Foundation exists to bring exceptional business education to women entrepreneurs and to provide a pathway to business ownership for deserving women through our scholarship mentoring program.

Who We Are

An offshoot of the successful Women Entrepreneurs Secrets Of Success networking organization, the WESOS Foundation is the dream of its executive management team to bring the sense of support and collaboration into the realm of continuing education and mentorship. “ My first conversation with Jean after attending a WESOS meeting started with the words “Have you thought of a foundation to bring this to women who need the kind of help and support that they could find with the WESOS Sisters?” said Denise Schmidt, the Foundation’s Executive Director and WESOS Chief Operating Officer.  “ Jean LaVallie, WESOS Founder and C.E.O. , was not only open to the idea but had been dreaming of the day when it would be a possibility for WESOS.  “WESOS has such a wide network that we have women entrepreneurs from all facets of business who are willing to invest in the success of others. Especially women who have not had the opportunity or advantages to make business ownership a reality” says LaVallie.

We believe that the Universe distributes talent equally. It’s does not, however, distribute opportunity equally. The WESOS Foundation wants to help change that.

– Denise Schmidt, Executive Director

The Vision

The WESOS Foundation has two interwoven platforms to fulfill our mission.

First, women entrepreneurs already in business, whether they are novice or veteran, will find the benefit of increased skill through our Education Edge programming. Individual classes and day long seminars will be offered that are tailored to the needs of business owners. Classes will be offered in person, and through virtual mediums, to make sure that anyone who wants to attend can have the opportunity to participate through out the network’s USA and Int’l chapters. A Business Skills Certification course will also be offered on a self-guided basis so that new business owners receive a practical, curated path designed to create a foundation to success. This certification course can be taken at the participant’s pace in the comfort of their home or office.

Second, the WESOS Foundation will partner with other recognized 501(c)3 charity organizations to identify women at social and economic disadvantage who have a dream of business ownership without the means or support to achieve that dream.  They may have an invention that needs shepherding to manufacturing that will change the world. Or they have a Dream to represent a nationally recognized brand as a Sales Representative but lack the initial investment or confidence to make that a reality. No dream of financial freedom is too big or small for the WESOS Foundation to make an investment in.  But it’s not about only the money invested in these women. It’s also the team of specially selected mentors that will be with them each step of the way through their year as a scholarship recipient. 6 highly successful WESOS Sisters will be committing to sharing their personal expertise in areas that we know our recipients will need and being an available mentor and accountability partner. Each panel will be uniquely crafted for their recipient, and with her input, to create the best fit with the highest possibility of success.

Foundation FAQs

People You Should Know

Denise Schmidt
President and Executive Director

After attending my first WESOS meeting,  I felt absolutely convicted that Women Entrepreneurs Secrets of Success was an organization unlike any other. The warmth and welcome of its members and Founder, Jean LaVallie, was so genuine that I couldn’t help thinking ” This group of women is the start for something that could truly change a person’s life!” .  Now, years later, I not only have the pleasure of being the corporate C.O.O.  but I’m helping to bring the WESOS commitment to excellence, authenticity and integrity to our Charity.

It’s been said that our circle, the people we surround ourselves with, are the people with whom we grow to share the most in common.  If that is true, and I believe it is, the women of WESOS are some of the most valuable women on the planet. Their natural support of new members and their outreach to those along the path of success inspire me every day. They are the reason that the WESOS Foundation was formed. To bring that energy and good will into the lives of those WESOS Sisters that we just haven’t met yet.

In addition to outreach and scholarship programs, the WESOS Foundation is the hub of educational programming for the extended WESOS network and women business owners at large.  Our programming will always focus on practical skills to make your business grow stronger.

Jean LaVallie
Charitable Giving Committee Chair

As the Founder and CEO of WESOS Network (the parent entity to the WESOS Foundation), I understand the importance of a supportive team helping you, and your business, grow. Your network creates a way to bounce ideas, gain knowledge and share resources. No one succeed alone.  After I was approached about expanding that network to include women in underserved communities , or those who were economically/socially disadvantaged, I passionately agreed with the need to establish a charity wing of the organization. It is something that I’ve dreamed about since WESOS began. The need for giving back to our community at large is part of the guiding principals of WESOS and her leadership team.

The Charitable Giving Committee  is charged with the task of granting scholarships for further learning and development of entrepreneurs identified by our partners as being deserving of assistance.  My team and I will be maintaining our standards for nomination, encouraging participation from partners in the nomination process and conducting the team evaluations to select recipients.

If you know of a charity or organization that can help us identify those dynamic women waiting to take on the business world, please contact us using the BECOME A PARTNER tab directly below.

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