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Victoria Maldonado

South Aurora Chapter Leader: Victoria Maldonado

[email protected]

Hello! My name is Victoria Hyla Maldonado, owner of Victorious Editing Services, and I've been in WESOS since the fall of 2021. It has been such a blessing to my business and to me personally.

I've always been a leader in some way. From running clubs and chairing committees as a student to teaching and directing theatre in adulthood, I love orchestrating the magic behind the scenes to build people up, encouraging them to be authentic and let their ideas come to the surface. I now often speak publicly with motivating talks and even deliver messages at my church. Truly, once you've been in front of a classroom of bored teenagers and survived to tell the tale, the rest is easy! 

I have big shoes to fill in taking over the South Aurora chapter, but I'm excited to bring my energy and enthusiasm into the mix and bring it to even bigger heights as we continue to make a positive difference in the lives of women entrepreneurs. 

As an author and writer, I explore the human condition and love seeing the beauty in what others might not immediately find so beautiful. I'm also a multifaceted entrepreneur who has lived many lives and been many versions of myself, so I'm excited to share and learn from others about every little nuance life has to offer.

I invite you to WESOS South Aurora to meet some amazing women and possibly change the way you think about networking! Come and check us out. I look forward to meeting you and hope you join soon!

The South Aurora Illinois Chapter meets:

Date: The first Friday of each month.

Time: 12 PM.

Location: Paulie’s Pub & Grille - 444 N Eola Rd., Aurora, IL 60502 

Registration Required for Each Meeting

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If you aren’t yet a WESOS member, join our sisterhood! Or, register as a guest to our next meeting to find out what you are missing!

WESOS strongly encourages the purchase of food/beverage at locations that serve during your meeting. Our location partners have offered the use of their facilities to our group free of charge. Please support them with a purchase during the meeting.