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Women's Networking Group in Portland

Are you a business owner, entrepreneur, or self-development enthusiast in the Portland area? Great news! We’re launching something special: Women Entrepreneurs Secrets of Our Success. This is a networking group dedicated to cultivating authentic relationships and providing ongoing mutual support. From Real Estate Agents to Reiki Masters, Authors to Accountants, Business Coaches to Bodyworkers, if you are a female business owner, please consider yourself invited to check out this incredible group of women. What could you create if you were surrounded by women who refuse to let you fail? Join us and find out!

To get started, join our Meetup group and we’ll keep you posted on all our meetings.



Upcoming Meetings

Portland Chapter Leader for Women in Business


Two years ago I had relocated to a new community and was thinking about launching my coaching practice, but I needed support. Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely journey and sometimes our old networks are ill-equipped to provide the support we need, asking irrelevant questions like, “Have you found a job yet?” or making statements like, “Since you are free during the day…” 

Women entrepreneurs have unique challenges and there is nothing like the company of other female business owners to give one a sense of inspiration and community. That’s what I found with WESOS: hundreds of women who were walking a path similar to mine. Women who were generous in offering their wisdom and encouragement. 

Fast forward to this spring and I was contemplated another relocation, this time cross-country from Chicago to Portland. One of the things that I didn’t think I could live without was the wonderful support system offered by WESOS. I knew that WESOS has a vibrant online community and a growing virtual presence, but the in person element would be irreplaceable. So I sat down with our WESOS executive leadership team and proposed opening a chapter in Portland. Jean, our CEO, and Denise, our COO, were thrilled for me to take our special brand of networking to Oregon!

For me, WESOS has meant an influx of friends for the first time since graduate school, inspirational stories of how people are making it work, valuable connections that help me be creative within my business, and most of all, companions for my entrepreneurial journey. I would love it if you would join me in building a special community like that here in Portland.


Kira Swanson

Coach | Writer | Alchemist

Alchemy Change Agency

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