WIN-WIN-WIN – Giving and Receiving in Business by Jean Lavallie

When I became the Meetup Organizer for a group known as Women Entrepreneurs’ Secrets of Success, I was immersed in the book by Bob Burg “The Go Giver”.

This book is all about the power of giving and how it can improve your life and your business if you are consistently looking for ways to give to others.

One chapter in particular really hit home with me, it is entitled, “The Law of Influence” and is described,  “Your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interests first.”

Naturally, it made sense to me to implement these ideas into the culture of the group that I was leading (WESOS). After all, it was my group so, I was able to create the expectations I believed were best for the community.

WESOS has grown over the last 7 years under the belief that the more you give, the more you get. Many people doubted this idea, but the proof that it works has been shown over time.

Bob Burg also goes on to say that we must be open to receiving as well. We have to be willing to let others give. He says that in every situation we have the opportunity to set up not just a Win-Win situation, but what is called a Win-Win-Win situation.

What does that mean?

At the Online Slang Dictionary the definition is this: “Win-win-win is beneficial to not just each of two often opposing groups but has another future benefit/win for society.”

WESOS strives to create this situation in all that she does. Some of the things that WESOS has implemented exemplify this notion.

Here are a few examples:

The brand new WESOS Success Strategists area of the WESOS website is not only an incredible “win” for WESOS members, a “win” for the amazing coaches in this elite group, but also for WESOS herself!

WESOS members get a great perk of membership, the WESOS Success Strategists have an opportunity to work with members they may never have met and WESOS has a group of happy, successful entrepreneurs that are gaining the skills they need to grow their businesses!

WESOS Sponsorship is also set up for “everybody wins” mentality. Every one of WESOS Sponsors gives to the WESOS membership community with their knowledge and expertise. WESOS members benefit greatly from this sharing. WESOS Sponsors benefit from the exposure that they get from the WESOS community and WESOS herself benefits from a growing group of women that believe in the power of authentic relationships, support and sharing resources.

Mary Kay Ash of Mary Kay Cosmetics said,

“Be of service to others. Only what you give can be multiplied back into your own life.

That is the law of the harvest, the law of the ten-fold return. If you give nothing, even if it is multiplied, you receive nothing.”

She believed that “anyone who did business with the Company (Mary Kay) would be richer for it, not only financially but also spiritually. She built the culture on the Golden Rule and the Go-Give® spirit with honesty and integrity as cornerstones.”

WESOS believes this with all our hearts. Every true member of WESOS knows the meaning of win-win-win. We know that if we are going to be a successful entrepreneur, evolve as a person and make the world a better place, this is the only paradigm that we should adopt.

Winston Churchill said “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give”

WESOS believes, as do all our WESOS Sisters, that life is too short to keep our gifts from others. We know our sisters can benefit from relationships, support and resources. We can all become successful when we give and receive from our fellow WESOS Sisters.

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