WESOS is not about one person…

So many times I have been congratulated on WESOS and thanked for the community of WESOS. For many of you that attend WESOS meetings regularly, you know what my answer is; WESOS is not about one person.
WESOS is all of her sister members.
What exactly does that mean? WESOS has become so much more than just a good idea of collaboration over competition. So much more than not selling on 1:1 meetings. WESOS has become a community of women that, yes, share resources, create authentic relationships and support, but more than that, WESOS is a community of women that care about each other. WESOS sisters care if a fellow sister is down on her luck or going through a hard time (in business and her personal life) and she is happy for her WESOS Sister when she has celebrations and triumphs in her business and life!
At WESOS you are so much more than your business. At WESOS you are part of a family that is there to lift you up when you stumble and cheer you on when you succeed!
WESOS is so much more than a group of women entrepreneurs that converge in one place to share knowledge and business cards. We are more than how many leads you have brought to the table or if your dues are paid on time. We are all here to support, share and create with each other.
I personally am blown away by the amazing growth in and support I see at each and every WESOS meeting I am able to attend Virtual meetings included!! WESOS is more than a networking group – she is a network of mighty women that have joined together to create one unstoppable Goddess called WESOS!
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