NEW RELATIONSHIPS CREATE GROWTH – Personal and Business……by Jean Lavallie

New Relationships Creates Growth: Personal and Business

This week we welcomed our fourth granddaughter into the world. Eloise Grace joined our family at 11:23am March 20. For all  my “Woo Woo” sisters, she was born during the last Super Moon of 2019 and on the Spring Equinox. I would love comments on what that means!

Filled with all kinds of amazing emotions, I started to think about our growing family and the relationships within. Each so unique but each providing so much value to the whole with their own special talents, support and knowledge.

Then I started to think how much WESOS is like a family to me. With each new addition to our WESOS Family, the community grows stronger and stronger through support, relationships and sharing knowledge. Each new member adds so much value in their own unique way. The WESOS Network is growing beyond our wildest dreams!

Healthy family relationships are about first seeking to understand, then, to be understood. It is impossible to have a meaningful relationship with someone without fully understanding their point of view.

We welcome new WESOS Family members through our interactions on WESOS one on ones. WESOS “one on one”s are all about getting curious about each other, truly seeing the value of the woman you are meeting. Talking about differences and commonalities, has incredible power. It is so important for us to see how much we are alike, so then we are free to not only accept each other’s differences, but to celebrate those differences as adding value to the community at large. When we are adding value to the community, ultimately, we are adding value to ourselves, our lives and our businesses.

Each time a new member arrives at a WESOS Chapter meeting and immediately understands that this is truly a group of authentic, supportive women that are willing to share resources, the WESOS Chapter wins, the WESOS Chapter Leader wins and the new member wins with a group of women that refuse to let her fail.

We don’t all share the same world outlook, knowledge, business skills, political or religious views. Imagine how boring the world would be if we were all clones of each other! WESOS is much smaller than the entire world, and much larger than a family. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could create this “giving” environment where every person gives respect and gets respect for who they are and what they believe?

WESOS is my family, it is your family and we are actively looking for new family members that believe as we do. The larger the WESOS Community grows, the more successful and empowered women of  the world will become. More successful through more women entrepreneurs being successful and through strong, caring relationships of thousands of women that believe they can change the world with empathy, support and respect for one and other.

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