Networking Dollars vs Marketing Dollars


This month I’d like to spotlight the business plan that is WESOS Networking.

As we all know, WESOS (Women Entrepreneurs’ Secrets of Success) is a networking group of women entrepreneurs that meet to support each other and share resources.What I have discovered from many of the one on ones that I have had lately, is that many members do not understand the marketing opportunity WESOS has provided when WESOS’s business plan moved from WESOS Yearly Membership “dues” to a WESOS Lifetime Membership opportunity.

With most networking groups that have a yearly membership dues (anywhere from $300- $700 per year)- you get the opportunity to grow your network through monthly meetings and introductions. These groups, most of the time, are the same people (or members) that meet and bring “leads” to the other members. You grow your network based on the other members bringing you business cards that may or not be someone willing to meet with you to hear more about your business or service. Your yearly membership dollars provide only that – a monthly meeting to help grow your business.


Now lets take a look at WESOS and the opportunity she provides. There are never any fees (besides your breakfast, lunch or dinner)to attend as many WESOS monthly chapter meetings in your area (as you would like).There is no pressure to “join” WESOS – once you have attended a meeting you are immediately surrounded by “WESOS Sisters” that become a support system of other women entrepreneurs that are committed to “not allowing you to fail”.
The feel is different – this energy is different! You don’t need business cards handed to you by “exclusive members”! Your warm market is sitting next to you! If you do get “Intentional Connections” these “WESOS leads” are people that are good resources for you, people that might be interested in your services and most importantly, women that will support you and your business.

Once you are part of WESOS (either as a directory member or just attending local and virtual meetings) you will find that the “yearly membership fee” you do not have to spend can be used to build your business in your business marketing budget!


With WESOS, we believe your “Yearly Membership Dollars” are 100% better spent in this capacity! Grow your business now with “marketing dollars” not “yearly membership dollars”!


Talk to your WESOS Chapter Leader about sponsorship and advertising to your warm market of WESOS Sisters! The cost is a fraction of any membership – and it’s used by you to get the best return on your investment!


Spotlight yourself and your business in many ways through WESOS!

Chapter Sponsorship Includes: Your logo and click through on and on Be introduced to your chapter as the meeting sponsor, set up a vendor table at your chapter, be able to sell to the participants before and after the WESOS Chapter meeting and get an extra 30 seconds for your elevator pitch at the meeting.

Chapter Advertising: Have your business spotlighted on and on – your ad will click through to anything you would like (i.e. website,Facebook page, landing page with a special offer)


Also, stay tuned for some amazing perks coming your way if you are a WESOS Directory member! WESOS yearly ($119) or Lifetime ($299) memberships available at! WESOS is growing and she wants to see you grow with us!



Jean LaVallie

WESOS Network CEO / Founder

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