HOT QUESTION OF THE DAY – Which Social Media Platform is best for my business? by Mary Wu

As a social media consultant, the #1 question I get is, “Which is the best platform?”

If there was one “best” platform for every business, and if I knew the secret answer to that, I’d probably be living on a cruise ship with a handsome sommelier bringing me the perfect wine with dinner every evening.

While I can state that there is no one “right” answer, there are ways to figure out which is the best platform for your business.

The first step to discovering this is determining your ideal client (and if you’re a WESOS Lifetime sister, you can use your access to a free session with a success strategist to discuss that very issue).

Once you’ve determined your ideal client, the next step is to determine which platform they are on.

Facebook is the most popular platform, and it’s a great place to show your authentic self. But remember, you can’t use a personal profile for business purposes, or you might get shut down.

LinkedIn is a very strong platform for “business to business” connections. Another fabulous advantage of LinkedIn in 2019 is that if you look at the number of people that regularly visit the platform and compare it with the number of people posting, your content has a fairly good chance of being seen (it’s not a “pay to play” platform).

Instagram is visual – but there are ways to use Instagram even if you have a service business instead of a product business.

Pinterest is another visual platform, and it’s a platform that kind of encourages you to drive people back to your content. So make sure you’re placing your own stuff there to drive people to your website.

Twitter is very current. The average tweet lasts about 15 minutes before it’s gone too far down the feed to be seen. However, there are some great ways to connect using lists.

One of the most important and most often overlooked ingredients in discovering the “best” platform is to know what your followers are responding to. Make sure to take some time on a regular basis not only to post, but to review what interests your audience.

Then lather, rinse, and repeat.


By Mary Allison Wu

Come meet Mary at the Lisle Chapter. She’s not only a Social Media Maven , she’s the Lisle Chapter Leader, too !

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