Get out of your own way…

…or how Stacey Montgomery taught me to love Instagram in 20 Minutes.


Have you ever noticed the things you avoid? Everyone has something – spiders, heights, public speaking.  For me, it’s photographs and videos. Not watching them. Being the subject of them!  I’ve never been comfortable with them and I think it shows. Not just being critical of yourself in a photo or finding all of the little things that make you look goofy (hands in weird positions , etc) but a sick-to-your-stomach aversion.Because of that discomfort, I tend to define myself as the “behind the scenes” person in most of the projects that I get involved with.  I don’t use social media platforms that would be more visual in nature and I don’t like being a subject or host on videos for WESOS.  I kept telling myself that I wasn’t avoiding it, I just didn’t see the value in them. It just wasn’t important, right?

But it wasnt until our very own Stacey Montgomery of Stacey M. Designs gave us the opportunity to learn about Instagram as the presenter for the August Virtual Meeting that I realized that my aversion was holding WESOS back. It was holding our organization back because I had major preconceived notions about a social media platform that could bring our version of networking to Sisters we haven’t met yet.  Instagram isn’t just a medium for social media celebrities who take selfies as a business model. It’s a way to bring an authentic story of who we are and how we connect to other female entrepreneurs.  I didn’t see it at all because I was too busy avoiding a camera.

In other words, I was allowing my personal aversion to keep me in the background.  And that was never going to let WESOS become who “she” is meant to be. I was getting in my own way.

How many of us do this?  We let ourselves become defined by the thing we fear. We think “ I can’t write”, so we don’t blog for our business.  We don’t feel confident in public speaking, so the most we do is a 30 second speech at a meeting that we absolutely dread .  We don’t toot our own horn when we accomplish something because someone once told us that doing that would be arrogant and people wouldn’t like us.  All of those beliefs limit what we can accomplish and, when we think about it, no one other than us are worried about any of it!

I am going to make a commitment to stop getting in my own way this month. I’m going to take as many photos, shoot as many live videos and share as many of the moments that WESOS excels in as I can. I’m not going to worry that I look silly or that a specific angle makes it look like I have a triple chin. I’m going to care more about sharing who I am with the Sisters who support me. I’m going to be vulnerable and authentic and warm because that is who WESOS is and it’s going to attract those women who need that to us.

What are you going to stop worrying about this month? Stop letting your fears get in your way.  Be bold, be brave and be YOU.




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