Do you remember the girl you used to be? From Denise Schmidt

This month, Jean and I were asked to participate in a planning session to help the Northern Illinois Girl Scout Council move forward in bringing a program together that teaches and supports entrepreneurial and financial literacy skills.   It was a room filled with women dedicated to creating powerful and compassionate girls who could realize all of their dreams and take on the world with confidence.

As I sat there, I thought of how different the experience young girls have today than I did. And how thrilled for them I am because of it!   To have an opportunity to be taught the skills those of us in WESOS may have taken decades to learn the hard way? Sign me up!

But it wasn’t just about “how many cookies can I sell?”  . The conversation covered how those cookies can teach brand and customer loyalty. How girls can be leaders, executives, CEO’s and how the people who surround them can lift their eyes higher than they could imagine on their own.    How women of all ages, cultures and economic levels can pour into the next generation of amazing young women. It made me a little envious of the wide open path today’s girls have in front of them and the programs that exist to lift them up.

In the middle of being inspired at the thought of that level of support, I realized that I didn’t need to envy it at all. I have that in WESOS, and so does every other WESOS Sister!

So I’m hoping to challenge you this month to go back in time and find the girl you were.  Rediscover her dreams. Figure out what used to make you grin from ear to ear and do that again. Take up that hobby you loved. Learn the skills you always planned to learn when your world was so new that it shined.

That girl is waiting for you.

So are your WESOS Sisters.

Let’s shake up the world, ladies. It needs us…and so do all those other girls watching us succeed and thrive.



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