Customer Service Still Matters… Kim Montesinos

Over the past 10 years, the way we do business has changed dramatically. Most transactions are now completed online. Brick and mortar stores in the future could become obsolete.
     This is why it is truly important for entrepreneurs and professional business owners to concentrate on enhancing excellent customer service.
     Most often, I notice when we are in a retail environment , restaurant or online service that it’s very apparent that the communication skills needed to interact with customers has become more of a challenge due to the fact that most people nowadays either e-mail or text and have lost effective ways of communicating.  Customer service is the foundation to developing a successful business. Concentrating on creating new customers, and more importantly,  retaining current customers. What are some of the ways to build a solid customer base?
1.) Concentrate on building customer relationships. Greet customers with a smile, firm hand shake and always converse with your customer by name. We all want to feel special.
2.) Focus on client retention. Most often businesses are so busy chasing the new clients that they may neglect their current clientele. Longevity is more beneficial in the long run.
3.) Customer follow up has to be the most important thing you do. If you go thru all the hard work of building a relationship and then allow a customer to fall thru the cracks, you’re losing money and integrity. Send a client a thank you card or email. Check in to make sure they are happy with the products or services provided. Welcome negative feedback ; this allows you to brainstorm and resolve issues.
     Customer service is the foundation to building a solid business along with all the processes and functionality. Remember, without clients businesses (whether online or in traditional brick and mortars) will cease to exist.
Kim Montesinos, Schaumburg Chapter Leader 
Owner of Crystal Klear Cleaning

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