Communicating Across Gender, Generation, and Geography By Donna Smith Bellinger

Today’s workplace is growing more and more diverse. Diversity is a phenomenal element to any profession, however learning to communicate across gender, age, and cultural gaps can be difficult. If you are not careful in communication, you may offend the audience or client. It is no surprise that many corporations and businesses have brought me in to discuss this topic and break down communication tools for their teams. Try some of the following tips below to help you sharpen your communication toolkit.


Take a look to your left and your right: What does your office team look like? What about your client base? Or your prospects? Have awareness of WHO you are communicating with.


Listen before you speak: Take time to truly listen to your peers. Take notes, if necessary, and spend time digesting information before responding if possible.


Stay researched: It would not be out of the ordinary to study information about your peers or prospects prior to the first meeting. Taking the time to review a contacts LinkedIn or read their web BIO can help you avoid unnecessary communication mishaps.


Create a positive culture: While fostering a culture takes time, there are simple steps you can take to ensure that each employee and team member feels comfortable expressing themselves. Surveying employees, offering one-on-one reviews with management where employees can discuss their experience in the workplace,  and annual team building exercises can all help to build an inclusive environment.

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