Become an Influencer

Do you influence those around you? As a WESOS Sister, most likely you don’t even realize how much you influence the people in your life and whose lives you touch.

At WESOS and as WESOS Sisters, our main objective is helping other women succeed in business – it is all about influence and how you can help others make positive changes in their lives and their businesses to become happier and more successful!

I was recently recognized by the Daily Herald’s Business Ledger as an Influential Business Woman in 2018. This both stunned me but it also inspired me to really explore what that meant – to be an “influencer”.

The most influential women in my life, my mother, sisters, daughters, friends and my WESOS Sisters have never been recognized on a stage for inspiring and influencing me – yet, I know I would never have been in that position to accept that award with out all the strong, influential women in my life!

I looked up the definition of influence and it says to “the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something”.

As I really thought about those words it became apparent to me that all the WESOS Sisters that “get it” – everyone of you that are out there looking for ways to add value to your WESOS sisters lives and businesses are influential women!

Everyone that has been to a WESOS meeting, embraced our intention and believes that WESOS is a safe place with a group of women that refuses to let you fail, knows how to influence others. Influence in a positive way that lifts others up and helps them grow and step into their power.

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