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Data Transparency For Small Businesses

Ask Jade: April 2020 Video Transcript Hi everybody, welcome to another episode of “Ask Jade.” This episode I will be touching briefly on data transparency. So this is a new thing for everyone. We know California just passed their consumer…

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Cyber Security for Small Businesses

Hi Everybody! Welcome to another episode of “Ask Jade”. This episode I am going to give a brief overview of some cybersecurity tips for small businesses. A fun fact that I learned with the 2018 Verizon Data breach investigations report,…

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XRay Thinking

“Our thoughts create our reality.” I love this statement. I live my life by it. I don’t know who originated it, but it’s an idea I’ve heard from Wayne Dyer. To me, it makes sense on so many levels. It…

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Illinois Advertising Law

Hi everybody! Welcome to another episode of “Ask Jade”. So today I am going to go over advertising and laws that cover advertisingwithin your business. So this generally your deceptive advertising practices, unfair advertising, things to kind of lookout for….

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New Illinois Laws In 2020

Hi Everybody, welcome to another episode “Ask Jade” This is January (2020) episode, so Happy New Year – I am going to touch on an overview of some new Illinois laws to be aware of, some are pointed toward business…

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Legal Changes Coming In 2020

Hi Everybody, and happy holidays this is another episode of Ask Jade. So I am going to go over some new laws that are going to take effect in 2020 that directly affect business owners. So starting off, minimum wage…

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Illinois Tax Updates

Hi Everybody! Welcome to another episode of “Ask Jade”. Today I am going to just go over some Illinois Tax Updates. These are tax laws that took place during 2019 that you’ll just want to have on your radar. It…

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