Coaching Request Form

  • As a Lifetime WESOS Sister, you are entitled to a Free coaching session with one of our Success Strategists. Please note, you may use this certificate once. Your certificate number will appear in your request at the bottom of the page. Your chosen Strategist will contact you within 72 hours to book your appointment. The information provided in this form will be forwarded to the Success Strategist you have chosen. For their ease of contact, please provided all information requested.
  • Coaching sessions are between WESOS Lifetime Sisters and individual coaches. The coach will engage in direct and powerful questioning, and may, on occasion, be directive. You can count on the coach to ask honest and straightforward questions designed to open new thought processes, to make inquiries that offer inner discovery, and to make requests that lead to action and achievement. Coaching is therefore not advice, therapy, or counseling. Coaching is done over the telephone, and is a 45-60 minute commitment for the coach's time. Tele-Coaching" eliminates travel time and offers the ability to be anywhere in the world during a coaching session. Should you cancel within 24 hours of the appointment, the coach has an option to rebook your session at her convenience. Should you not show up for your appointment, the coach will notify WESOS and your certificate will be marked VOID.
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