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Thank you for your interest in becoming a WESOS Chapter Leader !


Wesos Chapter Leaders are the foundation of the authentic relationships and knowledge exchange that WESOS Sisters have come to know and love. To become a WESOS Chapter Leader is a fun, rewarding and exciting opportunity to be even more connected and committed to the success of other women entrepreneurs. Our growth in the coming year will be, in part, determined by the outstanding team of leaders that will become part of the WESOS family. If you would like to be considered for Chapter Leadership, here are some traits that we believe will contribute to your success:.

» A background in sales or a naturally gregarious personality
» Owns her own business and is actively working it full or part time..
» A membership in a non-profit organization or membership organization is a plus.
» Is well-connected in her community socially, through other professional networks, Chambers of Commerce and organizations.
» A positive and engaging personality, professional demeanor and dress.
» Has polished and effective verbal skills, speaks clearly, and is not afraid to stand up in front of a crowd.
» Is organized and efficient with computer competency.
» Believes in collaboration instead of competition.


Please note : Chapter Leaders will be expected to put in a minimum of 10-15 hours per month on events, planning, direct management of meetings and leadership panels. Additionally, Chapter Leaders will be expected to secure their own location for meetings, determine date/time preferences from within the available WESOS time slots, and activitly recruit membership.


In order to be considered, please fill out this form. Once received, your information will be evaluated and you will be contacted within 7-10 business days with additional information to determine if a formal Leadership Application is appropriate.


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How long have you been a member of WESOS?:
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Over 5 years
In what city or geographical area would you like to open a Chapter?:
What quality do you believe is most important to be a successful Chapter Leader? Please feel free to explain your answer.:


We sincerely thank you for your interest in WESOS Chapter Leadership.


Denise Schmidt   and  Jean LaVallie

 WESOS  C.O.O.  and   C.E.O.