WESOS is not your average networking group. It's not even an above average group. WESOS is an above excellent, warmly welcoming, sometimes challenging networking group. What, you ask, makes it such?

•   it's a women's only group, with the express intention of empowering women with authentic relationships.
•   WESOS is open to all businesses, solopreneurships, partnerships, non-profits and even women seeking to grow who may not be sure the direction they will go in.
•   WESOS offers, never demands, the opportunity to polish your skills. 30 second introductions are practiced in a safe room of people who WANT you to succeed. Who CELEBRATE your successes and HEAR your fears. And they walk with you through it all. Speakers join us with a brief presentation of how they have grown through challenges or specific skills.


It would be easy to fill a screen with so much more about WESOS. Instead of my doing that, why don't you join us? The meeting is free. Bring business cards if you have them. And be prepared to meet the tribe of sisters you have longed for. We are those sisters and have a open place with your name on it.

Geriann Wiesbrook, Non Profit Founder of Military Mamas Network


The first time I walked in, I was welcomed by amazing empowered women,  and within minutes, I knew it was my new home. 

Kris Flynn, Hair Designs         


I went to a networking group last year after I decided to pursue my business, to support a female business owner friend. Unfortunately, it wasn't a "fit" for me. That's where I met Beth Majerszky (Orland Chapter Leader)  and she explained about a group she was involved with that she thought I would enjoy. She invited me to a meeting. I was hesitant but I went to my first meeting in Orland and I got paired with Jean LaVallie, WESOS Founder, for an exercise. Instantaneously, my life changed for the better. Never had I felt more sure of leaving my job to pursue my dream; never had I met women who didn't want to stifle my creativity, but encouraged me to grow. Allowing me to use my skill to bring the WESOS brand to the forefront--literally--of our members, literally launched my embroidery business! I'm very excited to see what is in store in the next chapters of WESOS!

    Colette Ventura Cocokios , Simply Stated    


Before coming to WESOS I had feverishly sought support from my inner circle. Unfortunately, everyone was doing their own thing and collaboration was not on the table. WESOS has provided me with a community of women that are wanting and willing to extend an open hand to one another on a continuously basis. WESOS is what I envision relationships should be....pulling and holding each other up whether it be uplifting words, knowledge, information, recommendations, referrals or simply a gently conversation. WESOS is a safe environment that makes everyone feel comfortable to open up and be their true selves. Thank you, my WESOS Sister's!

   Pat Day-McCray    

I was searching for a strong business network group in the burbs. Going to the city was not working out, I could not keep up and was expensive, and time consuming. I stumbled upon WESOS . I was impressed with the consistency of their meetings. The comments were very positive. I signed up for their Burr Ridge Meet Up.I walked in , Jean was so warm and welcoming. It was unlike any other network group I had gone to. The room was buzzing with energy, I met Laura Schmidt-Mesich , she was fun, warm and open . In fact she dropped me home as I had no ride. I am so glad that I went in that day and have been part of WESOS ever since! I have found unconditional support, acceptance and sisterhood

Madhoolica Dear, Orange Spike


I came to WESOS to grow my business, but what I found was so much more! WESOS is a group of women who will encourage you to grow personally, accept you as you are, challenge you to become better & support you in your business. WESOS sisters work together, laugh together, cry together & pray together. We are there for each other...we lift you up when you are down, we cheer you on when you climb & we celebrate you when you achieve! I'm so glad someone invited me. Now I invite you! WESOS will change your life and your business!

Christine Sullivan, Premiere Designs by Christine



WESOS is a group of vibrant, passionate women with a heart for helping others.

Karen Grifford Putz, AGELESS PASSIONS


A year after my separation i decided to walk out on faith and soley rely on my cleaning business to support me and my 2 kids. My first step, i decided to expand in Naperville. After joining a weekly leads club on Meet-Up, I stumbled upon Wesos. I remember like yesterday i was excited to visit Bolingbrook for the first time. However, when i walked into the room of 40 women I felt my breathe leave my body. I found a corner to sit and pray to ask God how I was going to get thru this! Once the meeting began, and each leader dicussed the itinerary for the next two hours, my palms began to sweat knowing i had to stand up and give a 30 second elevator pitch. I remember my heart racing and I announced "this is my first time at Wesos" , the crowd's warm welcome was touching. However, I remember saying to myself "Is this group for Real??? 40 plus women coming together to truly help one another without selfish , catty behavior??"  Well, let me just say be careful what you wish for!  2 years later this month, Wesos has been the best thing to happen to me personally and business wise. The relationships I have developed are priceless, the amount of talent has taken my business to another level, the support of the sisterhood is enormous.  Everyone in my life knows how much I love WESOS. All my life ,my family has said "Kim, guard your heart, dont trust people.". In this case, they were so wrong!  Finding Wesos was finding a safe place to be my authentic self with the best women on this planet.

   Kimberly Montesinos, Crystal Klear Cleaning  


I have been to every kind of networking group there is, and hands down, WESOS is the absolute BEST! Yes, we conduct business with incredibly supportive women, but what takes this group higher is the surprisingly deep friendships that happen immediately. I'm not kidding. You simply can't explain it, because there's nothing like it. Pure, authentic love and support for one another. You can't help but leave each meeting on a vibrational high! You just have to experience it to understand. And once you do, you're so PROUD to be a WESOS sister.

We have each other's phone numbers in our phones to direct business each other's way. If I need a lawyer, closets installed, a photographer, doctor, painter, business coach, Realtor, professional organizer, CPA, nutritionist, house cleaner, esthetician, you name it, I go to our WESOS sisters first!


   Goldie Matthew, Tastefully Simple 



I was in business for over 15 years when I decided to join a networking group and I found WESOS. I had no idea what I was getting myself into but I thank God that I did. I am grateful for the support, willingness to help and connections. I love the impact on my day and week after attending a WESOS meeting. Thank you to the leadership for your commitment to making WESOS different and inspiring!

Stephanie Synal, Primerica 



Since joining WESOS, I have learned so much from making these sisters my "go to" group for coaching and partnerships. Life-long friendships have been created. No other networking group compares because this isn't a group about networking, it is about connection and support.

  Alison Henderson, Moving Image Consulting


At the start of my business, I went to my first Meetup group. This women-only group was filled with over 40 entrepreneurs who all had the same intention: to support and empower each other. I'd been networking for         over 20 years at that point and had NEVER seen a networking group like it before. The next six months were spent having one-on-ones with many of these ladies and getting to know them better. Each one taught me something new about myself and my business. Many opened my eyes to things I had never known existed, but were common to others (like alternative healing methods such as Reiki). It was through these meetings that    many of the foundational pieces of my business began to develop. To my surprise, by focusing on myself instead of my business 24/7, my business became even stronger. That first meeting was over 3 years ago.            Wesos is such a foundational part of my business and that is why I give back to WESOS so happily today. I want EVERY new business owner to have the same support as they are starting out.

Michelle Smith, Z&B Consulting  


WESOS is such an amazing space to be. When you go to a meeting there, it doesn't feeling like a really strict business meeting. It feels like home. It feels like you are with loved ones that are so excited to help you and whatever you believe in! I have created so many amazing relationships from the women I have meet there. My business has grown so much through coming to these meetings, not just because of the connections I have made (although they are truly amazing) but also because these meetings have helped me grow as an individual, friend and entrepreneur. You hear from other women what they are passionate about as well as their struggles through their businesses and how they have over come them.

This group has made me stronger as a person and I am passionate about helping these women grow their business and create those meaningful relationships. It fills me up to be around loving and giving women so often who have the same beliefs as myself.

Honestly, I do not know where I would be without this group of amazing women every month or more. Thank you so much, Jean LaVallie and Denise Strong Schmidt for all that you are doing for this group. There are still really amazing people out there who want to prove to the rest of the world that good trumps evil!

   Sara Kuppinger, Primerica