a noun defined as an act of determining mentally upon

some action or result, the end intended; the purpose.......


The WESOS Intention is the thing that defines our purpose. It is the guiding force behind all that we do, the programs that we design, the way we work, and how we encourage our Sisters to connect. We prize true and lasting relationships that go far beyond the normal networking that ends up sounding more like "What have you done for me lately?"  instead of our version that says " What can we do together?". We value the relationship, not just the transaction.

The real power of WESOS comes from treasuring the relationships that you can build with us. We believe that One-On-One connections always go further than a simple Chapter Meeting. So at our events, education seminars and Chapter meetings, you'll always be encouraged to focus your attention on the intention of everything we do.

It's where everything begins for WESOS


We are a thriving group of women entrepreneurs who are committed to cultivating authentic relationships while providing ongoing mutual support and resources for growing our businesses