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Thank you for your interest in becoming a speaker for

Women Entrepreneur's Secrets of Success. 

Speaking at one of our Chapter Meetings, Monthly Masterminds or Saturday Success Seminars will provide you with a great opportunity to showcase your expertise to our members and the general public. Our goal with every presentation is to add value in the area of business or personal development as it applies to business ownership, marketing and product knowledge.   Because our speakers represent WESOS to the participants of our events, a stringent process of assessing your speaking skills and your topic's relevancy for our membership has been set up. 

Three levels of Speaking Engagements are available for application. Each will require you to submit the attached form for every one of the speaking engagements that you wish to pursue. This is NOT a blanket form. Each Chapter appearance, Mastermind or Success Seminar must be applied for separately.  These applications will be vetted by our corporate leadership team for relevance and expertise, then passed to the appropriate Chapter Leader or Education Coordinator for assessment. You will be notified within 60 days if you are to be considered for a speaking engagement and will be offered, if appropriate, a selection of available dates. Should a convenient date not present itself in your schedule, your application will be kept on file for 365 days as an "Approved Speaker" and subsequent dates may be offered to you at the discretion of the Chapter Leader and Leadership Team. After that period of time, a new application must be submitted.
Chapter Speakers will be accepted from the general participation of Womens Enterprenuers Secrets of Success. Paid membership is not required, however, is preferred. A record of 6 months active participation within a Chapter is a requirement for consideration. A speaking fee of $35 will be invoiced to the speaker and must be paid in full within 7 days of the engagement. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of the speaking opportunity and another speaker will be chosen to fill the time.  Chapter Speakers will have 20 minutes on an approved topic of general business relevance, must provide some form of a topic hand-out or teaching tool for the participants to take home, may not actively solicit or sell and may only mention their specific business in such a manner as it informs their presentation or gives validity to their expertise.
Mastermind or Success Series Presenters must be Visionary Sisters with active memberships in good standing at the time of their application and their presentation. Speakers for Mastermind and/or Success Saturday's must have been a Chapter presenter within 12 months of the proposed paid speaking date. This will be considered an audition for speaking ability.
Mastermind Presenters must provide 75 minutes of content specific to their topic and teaching materials at their own cost. Success Seminar Presenters must provide 150 minutes of content or, in the case of tandem presenters within a team setting, that amount specified by the Leadership Team and teaching materials at their own cost..  Mastermind and Success Seminar Presenters will be paid for their time as set forth below . These applicants should expect the following prior to acceptance :
You will be asked to prepare a short introduction(100-150 words) containing pertinent information about yourself as well as the topics you speak on and your target markets. This introduction, to be read by a panel member at the start of your presentation, ensures the assessors are familiar with your expertise.
Should it be requested by a member of the evaluation panel, you may also be asked to give a short,but complete,presentation including an introduction, middle and conclusion (8-10 minutes total) based on your area of expertise. It is important you regard this as an actual presentation and keep in mind that you are “on stage” as soon as you enter the room.The primary purpose of this presentation is to evaluate your platform skills and subject matter expertise based on the following criteria:
1.Appropriate Introduction: Do you approach with confidence and positive demeanor?
2.Appearance:Are you properly groomed and attired for the occasion?
3.Posture: Are you standing erect, not leaning or slouching, not shifting?
4.Gestures:Are gestures coordinated with speech? Are they natural?
5.Delivery:Do you articulate properly? Is your voice even in tone and easy to hear and understand?
6.Facial Expression :Are expressions in agreement with content and mood? Are they natural and relaxed? Do they convey warmth and feeling?
7.Clarity:Is presentation clear and concise? Is the content easy to understand and interesting?
8.Structure:Is there a natural flow to the presentation? Is the presentation format easy to understand?
9.Eye Contact: Do you maintain appropriate eye contact? Do you scan the entire room in a relaxed and natural manner?
10.Grammar & Vocabulary:Is your grammatical usage correct? Is your vocabulary correct and appropriate for the level and make-up of the audience?
11.Appropriate Closure: Do you close the presentation with ease and effectiveness?
12.Subject Area Expertise:Do you display appropriate knowledge of the subject area that you selected?
Payment for Mastermind Speakers will be in the amount of $100 or 10 tickets with a value of $15 each for use with personal clients or sales opportunities. Should the ticket option be chosen, 10 seats will be held for the Speaker until 48 hours prior to the Mastermind Class at such time as the seats will be placed back in the general sales pool. These tickets will be sold first at the door with proceeds being given to the Mastermind Speaker in the form of a check within 30 days of the class.
Payment for Success Seminar Speakers will be in the amount of $250 or 10 tickets with a value of $60 each for use with personal clients or as sales opportunities. Should the ticket option be chosen, 10 seats will be held for the Speaker until 48 hours prior to the Seminar at such time as the seats will be placed back in the general sales pool. These tickets will be sold first at the door with proceeds being given to the Seminar Speaker in the amount of $30 each in the form of a check within 30 days of the class.
Should you wish to proceed to apply for the opportunity as a WESOS Speaker, please complete the form below in it's entirety, concentrating only on the questions relevant to your speaking engagement type. 
* WESOS reserves the right to waive any speaking prerequisites in the case of previous speaking familiarity or when hiring professional presenter from outside the WESOS membership *

First Name:
Last Name:
Email Address:
Cell Phone Number:
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Biography -- Please provide a brief, 50-word narrative about your background, achievements, etc. :
List the names of organizations, event dates, and topics where you have presented in the past year: :
Please indicate your membership status with WESOS:
Please indicate the speaking engagement for which you would like to be considered::
Chapter Speaker - 20 minute speaking on a general business topic available to all Chapter participation regardless of paid membership status
Mastermind Speaker - Open to Visionary Sisters Only
Saturday Success Seminar - Open to Visionary Sisters Only
CHAPTER SPEAKING APPLICANTS - Please indicate your "home" chapter for verification of your participant status:
CHAPTER SPEAKING APPLICANTS: Please indicate which Chapter you are interested in :
MOYAS / Aurora
Orland Park
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CHAPTER SPEAKING APPLICATIONS : Please provide the title of your 20 minute presentation:
CHAPTER SPEAKING APPLICANTS : Please briefly describe your topic and the anticipated subject matter you plan to cover. Why will the subject interest or inform the majority of members in the room?:
MASTERMIND or SUCCESS SEMINAR APPLICANTS : Please provide the title of your presentation :
MASTERMIND AND SUCCESS SEMINAR APPLICANTS : Please describe your presentation :
MASTERMIND AND SUCCESS SEMINAR APPLICANTS : Please indicate how many times you have presented this same material in the same time format:
MASTERMIND and SUCCESS SEMINAR APPLICANTS : It is our requirement that your presentation for us not be given to a directly competing entity within 2 calendar weeks. Will you agree to this condition?:
Yes, I agree
No, I cannot provide that assurance at this time

Womens Entrepreneurs Secrets of Success reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any scheduled speaker.

We do not discriminate based on race, creed, color, ethnicity, gender identification, disability, sexual orientation or political view point.